Jhumka Gira Re…..

      “Ria, we must leave for Amar’s dinner party in an hour. Pls get ready quickly. You women take a lot of time to dress up Which dress to wear, which shoes, which earrings, jhumka or studs and what not.” Nikhil went on non-stop as he entered home. Ria had just come back from office and was deciding on what to wear for the party. She was still dressed in her office wear, wearing small, white stone earrings. She came out and said, “Chalo Nikhil. I am ready. Let’s go.” “Are you kidding? No sari, no statement earrings, no designer purse? How can you go to the party like this? You are the showstopper of the party. Go, get ready in your usual style. And please wear those stylish earrings that I bought for you from the website the other day.”

      “If you want me to look stunning, you will have to wait patiently.”

      “As you wish, mere aaka!”

      “And pls make some coffee for me once you are ready.”

      “Anything for you, my love.” Nikhil headed to the kitchen as Ria flew flying kisses to her dear husband.

      Ria Knew that Nikhil teased her for taking time to dress up, but he liked waiting while she would get ready. So, she selected a delicate powder blue chiffon sari and paired it with matching chandbali earrings. When Nikhil entered the room, he started singing a Bollywood song for his wife” Ye chand sa raushan chehra…” Ria blushed and brushed him aside. “ Ab chalo. Are’nt we getting late now?” “Ya but finish your coffee first. I have prepared special strong coffee for my darling wife. But why are you not wearing that gorgeous kan ka jhumka that has pearls hanging from it and a chain that you fix in your hair. That will look better with this sari. Pls wo pehno.” “But these chandbalis are the matching blue earrings that go well with my saree.” “Nothing to match your jhumkas. Just try them once.”

      “OK baba. Let me try them,” Ria pulled out the Kundan jhumkas that Nikhil had so lovingly bought for her, and tried them on.”

      “Oh my God. You look stunning now. Ye hue na showstopper earrings. They have no match.

      “Theek hai. I will wear these for the party. Let’s go now or else you will say we got late because of me.”

      “Not at all, I can wait for another hour if my darling wife looks so stunning after waiting.”

      “Stop embarrassing me. Let’s leave now.”

      “Jo hukm mere aaka.” Nikhil bowed dramatically and both left for the party.

      Getting ready for a party? Have you decided your dress but still confused what earrings to wear? Most of us find ourselves stuck in such situations. Should we wear long earrings or studs, whether heavy earrings would suit the occasion or small earrings? Jhumka, hoops or chandbali earrings or simple western earrings?

      To be honest, we are spoilt for choices these days. With the availability of so many options, our task has become tougher. We want to look our best at a party and earrings do make the difference in our appearance.

      So, here we are, to assist you and suggest you some tips that you should keep in mind when you are stepping out for various occasions. What kinds of earrings would suit your face type and would make heads turn?

      It is not always necessary to wear a statement earring to do that, even a simple American Diamond earrings could work wonders for you. Whether you wear pink earrings, green earrings, purple earrings or red, what matters most is how well you carry them. If you are still not sure if the colour is matching with your dress or not, you must go for a neutral colour, which is, white stone earrings. It can go well with all colours. Another factor that could help you dress well, is your hairstyle. If you are keeping your hair loose, heavy earrings and long earrings look good, but if you have tied up your hair in a bun or a braid, small, top earrings or stud earring will look good. You could even opt for drop earrings or bold, stylish earrings with big polki or ad stones. If you want to follow the trend, you may go for oxidised earrings, silver replica and handmade earrings. You can see celebrities wearing these kinds of earrings these days.

      Ria got a lot of attention at the party because of her jhumkas. Jhumkas are trending these days. If you want to amp up your look, you could go for silver lookalike, big jhumkas with kaanchain. They are mostly lightweight, and they look very stylish. Let us know a bit more about different types of earrings that you can choose from for different occasions.


      Jhumkas are eternal. One of the most popular pieces of jewellery, the bell-shaped earrings called Jhumkas were traditionally made of gold or silver. They are now available in different sizes, embellished with stones and beads. Jhumkas with meenakari look stunning. Oversized Jhumkas are trending these days. So, if you want to follow the trend, go for big size, oxidized jhumkas.


      The name of thse earrings come from their moon-like shape. Chandbalis became popular in the medieval age in Hyderabad area and gradually became popular all over India. You get heavy as well as light chandbalis nowadays and can wear it on all occasions. They look gorgeous with ethnic wear. You can wear them to give a perfect boho look as well.


      Similar in shape to chandbalis, hoops are circular in shape and much contemporary and light in weight. You get hoops in different sizes and many variations. Pair them with ethnic or western wear. They look amazing either way.


      Studs are tops that fit within or around your earlobe without hanging beneath the ear. A very classy and elegant piece of jewellery, studs have innumerable designs and can be paired with any type of outfit. Go for a stud if you believe in a minimalist yet classy look.

      Drop Earrings

      Drop earrings are shaped like waterdrops and are bigger in size than studs or tops. They look very elegant and flattering. Drops give you a sophisticated look, and you can wear them for any formal occasion.


      Danglers, as you would have guessed, hang below the earlobe and dangle when you move. The length and size of danglers vary, and you will get many choices in these earrings. So, go for long or short, heavy or light danglers, whichever you prefer and shine in your look.


      Thread/ Tassel Earrings

      These are mostly handmade earrings with tassels, threads and beads. Very light weight and easy on your ears, you can wear the tassel earrings all day long without hurting your ears. Pair these earrings and flaunt your boho look and you will be spoilt for choices in this type of earrings too.


      Ear cuffs

      The most trending addition to the world of earrings are the ear cuffs these days. Ear cuffs are the stylish earrings that you can wear even without getting your ears pierced. You can wear ear cuffs along with studs too. Style the ear cuffs on your upper earlobe or cover the whole ear and make it a statement earring which will do all the talking in the party.