Striking Zirconia Earrings with Black stone


    Details: Introducing our elegant Zirconia Earrings with Black Stone, a captivating blend of sophistication and mystery. The focal point of these earrings is the stunning black stone, carefully selected for its deep, mysterious hue and exceptional luster. The black stone is elegantly surrounded by an array of brilliant zirconia stones, delicately set to accentuate the contrast and highlight the beauty of the central gem.

    Material: Zircon Stones, Black Stone, Brass

    Occasion: The design of these delicate earrings strikes a balance between modern style and classic aesthetics, making these earrings perfect for both formal occasions and casual outings.

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    Stunning Zirconia earrings with beautiful black stone at the center

    Care Suggestions: Store your jewelry in an airtight box. Avoid contact with perfume sprays. Use soft cotton cloth to clean after use. Keep silica gel sachets with your jewelry to keep them dry.



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